• Age: 24
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Cup Size: C Cup
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Ethnicity: Chinese
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Nationality: USA
  • Language: English

I love my job. There isn’t much else for me to say about it. I’ve been an escort for about three years now, although I’ve been doing it for one in Miami. Best decision of my life. The guys I meet here are incredible. I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Everyone just treats me wonderfully. Which means I’m just going to want to offer up an even better experience. But what kind of experience are you looking for? I’m pretty interested in that. You are here, checking out my pics, maybe getting excited while you are doing so. That gets me excited knowing what my pics are doing for you. And while when we go out on our date you can look at me all you want and get as excited as you possibly can, I want to know what you’d actually like to do. What are you into? What do you want out of your trip to Miami? Whatever it is, I’m sure I can make it enjoyable.

Top Miami Asian Massage

I always laugh when someone asks for an Asian massage from a blonde. Um, yeah how is that going to work? No really, tell me. I’m pretty curious. Would be like asking me to help you out with some jungle fever. Not in my line of ethnicity, you know. Would love to help you out with that, but I have plenty of girlfriends and a few that would work. So, if you want an Asian massage…maybe a NURU massage…don’t go to someone who isn’t able to play the part. I’m the real deal and real is always, always better. You ever eat imitation cheese before? Yeah, it’s terrible (I can thank my sister and all her millions of allergies for that one). Don’t even get me started on imitation meat. Why shape your broccoli burger like a burger? I don’t ask for my steak to be cut out like a carrot. If you want something real, get something real. And, well, baby I’m as real as it gets.

Incredible Asian Escort Miami Services

I’m the Asian escort who won’t just satisfy your massage needs. I’ll satisfy your escort needs. I’m going to accompany you to anywhere you need me. That business meeting going on and you want to impress the boss? With me around, you’ll end up on the board of directors. And besides, who knows what kind of fun we can have when people aren’t looking. Perhaps you want someone who knows South Beach and can show you around to the top clubs? South Beach is a life of its own, and with the ocean just across the street, I’m the escort South Beach beauty who is going to show you all sorts of new, wonderous things you never knew possible. You just need to call me.